Infamous Greeting

by Lloydaku, 352 days ago


[NFMS] Infamous.

Started in 2011 as a primary Planetside 2 outfit. Overall Rank 6 on the Connery Server and 25th Rank across the broad. The outfit's primary purpose to have fun together while playing in organized groups and give them an opportunity to make new friends. This is what constitutes the Infamous Outfit.

Over the Years, Infamous has grown and reached out to many other games including Rust, League of Legends, Mech Warrior Online, Dirty Bomb, Counter Strike Go, and many more.  

If wish to apply for the Outfit please Click on the Link located top left and fill out the "Application for the Outfit." Once your Application has been submitted, an Infamous representative will contact you through a PM, with TeamSpeak Information.

Outfit Requirements

Age 16+ (If you are under the age of 16 Infamous members will base their decisions off your maturity level.)

Must use Team Speak 3.

Must be an Active Player.





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